A Technology Development and Pilot Roll Out Plan for Rural Zones of India

Funded by MHRD, Govt. of India


Other ICT Initiative for rural India

Education: Akshaya(Kerala), Subtitles on TV, Village Knowledge   Centers & Village Resource Centers by MSSRF.

Health: nLounge-Arvind Hospital

Economic: eChaupal, GPS by fisherman, Tara Haat, Datamation, nLounge, Drishti telecenters,Agriwatch Portal,e-Krishi Vipnan (EKVI)MP

E-Government: Bhoomi, eSeva, Drishtee

Empowerment: Computerized milk collection, Lokvani(Sitapur), Lok Mitra (Jhalawar)


All previous initiative focus on

1. Dissemination of information through a central resource or kiosk by connecting every village.

  1. 2.on internet access and related services.


Creation of knowledge base in every village.


Present project focus on

  1. 1.Dissemination of information through data and voice by connecting every villager(STUDENT).

  2. 2.Broadband, dynamically shared connectivity with voice services through GSM based networks.

  3. 3.This project proposes last leg of connectivity making every villager (Student) a knowledge center.

So objective of the project is

  1. 1.To roll out the standalone smart network technology for ubiquitous voice and data connectivity to the students residing in the neighborhood of a college situated in remote rural area without a backhaul.

  2. 2.To enable last mile connectivity at very low capital and maintenance expenditure.

  3. 3.To demonstrate the efficacy of decentralized synchronization system in maintaining the stability of such networks.


Future Directions

Sustainability: Alternate and low cost sources of electrical power.

Scalability: Digital Multiply.

Reliability & Stability: Decentralized Synchronization module.


  1. 1.WiFi for student community at their residence.

  2. 2.Deployment of 2G GSM network with ability of local switching.

Impact of the project

  1. 1.Will enable the last leg of connectivity from the communication service provider to the user in the rural zone.

  2. 2.Completely green , solar powered solution with an ability of local switching.

  3. 3.100 mbps indigenous backhaul will provide the users with high speed data connectivity.

Summary of the project

Prohibitive roll out costs of conventional networks have limited the ability to cater to the needs and demands of millions of Indians residing in rural and tribal zones, who still remain unconnected, and are deprived of the benefits of information and communication technology (ICT)

This project will provide the last mile connectivity and access to information to each one of the millions localized in geographically challenging zones of our nation through completely green, sustainable, stable and low cost networks.Prior to this phase pilot phase 1 has been completed successfully. To know more about Pilot Phase 1 Click Here

To read the complete project proposal Click Here

Review report of the Project can be downloaded from Here