A Technology Development and Pilot Roll Out Plan for Rural Zones of India

Funded by MHRD, Govt. of India



About the Project

Prohibitive roll out costs of conventional networks have limited the ability to cater to the needs and demands of millions of Indians residing in rural and tribal zones, who still remain unconnected, and are deprived of the benefits of information and communication technology (ICT)......Read more

About Us

Soon after Dayalbagh was founded in 1915, the Radhasoami Satsang Sabha, in pursuance of the lofty ideals to evolve the superman of tomorrow, started the Radhasoami Educational Institute, as a co-educational Middle School, open to all, on January.......Read More

About the Mission

For India to emerge as a knowledge super power of the world in the shortest possible time it is imperative to convert our demographic advantage into knowledge powerhouse by nurturing and honing our workin........Read More


A technical project always needs the support of instruments and equipments. In VCN , various networking equipments needs to be used and therefore this needs.................Know More


No great work can be accomplished alone. great achievements are made through the collaborative efforts. In this project various educational institutes and organizations have participating...........Know More


Persons who contributed and are contributing towards the successful completion of this project are listed here. These persons are from various different backgrounds and excel in their particular domain....................Know More